Monday, October 10, 2011

Many uses for bananas

Go Bananas?

I say yes! Bananas are a wonderful cheap fruit that have many uses. When money is tight around our house we still buy bananas because we use them in so many different ways.

1. Eat them the way they are! Why not with Potassium, 2 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, vitamins A, B, C, and calcium and magnesium and so much more. All of that and only 140 calories bananas are a healthy choice for a snack or to go with a meal.

2. For a healthy lunch add sliced banana to your peanut butter sandwich and for a splurge add honey or chocolate chips!

3. Banana Bread YUM! We really like banana bread or muffins in our house. they are a perfect breakfast or snack and they freeze great. Here is a recipe that we enjoy from Moneysavingmom.

4. How about a refreshing Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie? This is so easy to make and you can half the recipe if you are making it just for you. Here is the recipe we LOVE at our house.

5. Of course add to other fruits for a good fruit salad.

There are many more uses for bananas and at such a cheap price tag. right now the normal price for bananas around her are .55 lb. Of course they go even cheaper but that makes this a great food to buy if you are on a budget.

AS I was researching bananas I was impressed with all the other benefits that come from these yellow cuties. They help with: Anemia, Constipation, Depression, Hangovers, Heartburn, Morning sickness, Mosquito bites, PMS, SAD, Stress, Temperature control and many more. Check out this cool site to find out more about this amazing fruit!