Friday, March 4, 2011

Frugal Friday! - Making Money Online

There are several different ways to earn giftcards online like Mypoints and Swagbucks. Today I am going to tell you a way to get money deposited into your Paypal Account on a weekly basis!

YouData is a website that offers you the opportunity to check out some really cool websites and earn money for looking at there advertisements. This is not time consuming or difficult. You also wont make tons of money. I made .46 today. On fridays they send out your payment to your paypal account.

This is not tons of money but since it took less than a minute too look at these ads, I consider it a nice way to make a couple of cents. There are some people who make $4 a week, this depends on your MeFile - which is how they know what ads to show you. Make sure you fill this out to the best of your ability to see the most ads!.

So check out YouData here today! I love to see the little additions to my paypal account it makes me smile knowing it wasnt that hard.

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