Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making your own Iced Coffee

Today I wanted an Iced Coffee from Starbucks but I did not have a gift card to use so instead I stayed home and made one. I will be perfecting the recipe and share it when it is awesome.

Today I made strong coffee, put some sugar in it and some chocolate syrup. I then put the hot sweetened coffee in the fridge. When it had chilled enough ( I got impatient it probably would have been better longer) I pulled out the sweetened chilled coffee, whole milk, and strawberry syrup and Ice. I mixed them all together and the best way to describe it is a chocolate strawberry milk with coffee.

I prefer a not very strong coffee flavor so this was great for me. And the bonus was Starbucks doesn't have strawberry but I do!

Have a great day and enjoy your coffee while you wait for your gift cards to come in!
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