Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 easy steps to Rounding Up Checkbook

6 Easy steps to saving money without cutting anything out:
  1. Balance Checkbook (if you are like me this takes some time because it had not been done in a while)
  2. Starting with new transactions Round up to the nearest dollar (Example: $1.04= $2)
  3. Keep rounding up every time you enter your transactions in your checkbook
  4. Count on your checkbook balance not the bank balance!
  5. Wait a few months
  6. Subtract the bank balance from the checkbook balance to figure out how much you have saved! ( Example: Bank says $1,223.82 Checkbook says $1,200.00 what you saved by rounding up is $23.82)
At this point you can either add that amount back into your checkbook and spend it or move it to another account to save, or you can let it keep growing. It is VERY important that you keep balancing your checkbook.

Don't forget to make sure you account for items not yet on your online or paper statement. (Example you have a check out to Aunt Susie and she hasn't cashed it yet.... one day she will make sure the money is in there.)
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