Saturday, February 26, 2011

Budget isnt a bad word part 3

Budgeting really helped me in several ways as I have posted about the emergency fund, and car repair fund. Today I am going to talk about having a clothing budget. Many of you may be thinking are you kidding me Clothing is one of my first priorities, and others may be thinking like i did "I dont have money for clothes" All the while spending money when you just have to have a new pair of jeans because the only pair you had left that fit got a hole in it.

I have been there, many times I have been there. When I went through the Financial Peace University class with Dave Ramsey I listened when he said clothing was a necessity. I kind of laughed at first because I thought we cant afford a clothing budget then I started to think of all the times I had to buy something and the money had to come from somewhere else. We were spending money we might as well budget for it.

That is when I started budgeting for clothes for the whole family! I didnt budget much and many would laugh at how little I budgeted. We have $30 a month for my husband and I each and $13 a month for the kids each. We shop at resale shops for the kids or catch really good sales at stores like The Childrens Place and Old Navy.

I will share more on shopping on a budget for kids later on!
But I encourage you check out your budget this week and make sure you have a clothing budget even if you have a closet full of clothes and your size never changes you might need socks or underwear one day! And if you don't use your clothing budget each month keep the money in your clothing envelope and save it. You can use it later to buy something fun.

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